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Roberta Setzu – As You Are (2020) Flac

Roberta Setzu – As You Are (2020) Flac
Flac (tracks) | Jazz, Vocal Jazz | 00:44:16 | 222 MB

罗伯塔·塞祖(Roberta Setzu)是意大利人,最近才是美国人,他出生于撒丁岛的卡利亚里(Cagliari),这是地中海中部一个骄傲的岛屿。罗伯塔(Roberta)从小就开始接触丰富的地中海文化,音乐遗产,传统,节奏和声音的奇观,深刻地植根并影响了她的歌唱,音乐和作曲方式。从卡利亚里大学(University of Cagliari University)爵士研究专业毕业后,她移居纽约,在那里学习表演,并加深了对爵士的了解。她目前居住在乔治亚州亚特兰大。



罗伯塔·塞祖(Roberta Setzu)是一位充满活力的表演者,天生具有与观众的心灵联系的能力。她温暖而令人回味的声音吸引了听众的注意力,并吸引了他们进入迷人的,强大的自我认知之旅。无论她在哪里演出,都会获得狂热的歌迷支持。


01. Autumn Nocturne
02. In the Rhythm
03. Come As You Are (Intro)
04. Come As You Are
05. You Are Happiness
06. Lullaby for Dylan
07. Da Minha Casa
08. Follow Me
09. A Night in Tunisia
10. Black Is the Color

Italian and just recently American, Roberta Setzu was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, a proud island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Since a young age, Roberta was exposed to the wonders of the rich Mediterranean culture, musical heritage, traditions, rhythms and sounds, which deeply rooted and influenced her singing and approach to music and composition. After her graduation from Cagliari University with a major in Jazz Studies, she moved to New York where she studied acting and she deepened her understanding of Jazz. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA.
A complete Artist with a distinctive vocal identity, Roberta approaches her writing in a very visual way and lets the music develop around the stories that draw her in.
Singing jazz is like “having a wire from the earth to the sky and trusting that the essence of your truth will come out in your music”.
Roberta Setzu is a dynamic performer with a natural ability to connect with the heart of her audience. Her warm and evocative voice captures her listeners' attention and lures them into a mesmerizing journey of powerful self-recognition. She draws enthusiastic fan support wherever she performs.

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