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Aparticle – The Glamour Action (2020) Flac

Aparticle – The Glamour Action (2020) Flac
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在发行首张专辑“ Bulbs”两年后,Aparticle发行了“ The Glamour Action”,这是11首单曲的录音棚摘要,对现场活动进行了总结,使乐队进入了意大利最著名的爵士音乐节和俱乐部(Bergamo爵士音乐节,曼托瓦 爵士,福利尼奥·青年爵士,费拉拉·托里昂爵士俱乐部,布雷西亚爵士在路上)。

专辑由原创作品组成,并且首次由集体即兴创作,特别是“第一和第二动作”。 “魅力行动”还概述了乐器调色板的扩展,除了罗得岛(Rhodes)和中音萨克斯,高音萨克斯和低音单簧管之外,还使用了狂热的键盘Eko Tiger风琴和各种簧片。


01. Seedsman
02. Cool and Dark out Here
03. It Is Necessarily So
04. First Action
05. Labile
06. Not Even Equal
07. Regenerated
08. Upper Limbs
09. Second Action
10. Our Warning System
11. Daily Beauty

After two years from their debut album “Bulbs”, Aparticle releases “The Glamour Action”, an 11-track studio summary of the constant live activity that has brought the band to the most renowned Italian jazz festivals and clubs (Bergamo Jazz Festival, Mantova Jazz, Foligno Young Jazz, Ferrara Torrione Jazz Club, Brescia Jazz On the Road).

The album consists of original compositions and, for the first time, by collective improvisations, notably entitled First and Second Action. “The Glamour Action” also outlines an expansion of the instrumental palette, with cult keyboard Eko Tiger organ in addition to Rhodes and a variety of reeds, including alto sax, soprano sax and bass clarinet.

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